Bear visits lakeside vacationers, shreds backpack

A California woman on a fishing trip with her family captured video of a large bear that visited their lakeside location and tore into her backpack.

Sandra Endo, who works for KTTV in Los Angeles, told the station she and her family were fishing at Lake Mary in Mammoth Lakes when they were joined by the large bear.

Endo said she loaded her kids into the car for safety while the bear headed for the family’s backpacks.

“It tore mine up. There’s the aftermath of it all. We scrambled up the road, we put the kids in the car. They were terrified as the bear tore up my backpack,” Endo said.

Endo posted a video to Instagram showing the bear wandering around and swimming after ripping up her bag.

“Be BEARY careful! It truly is their world, we are just living in it,” she wrote.

Endo said there was no food in her bag, but the bear was likely drawn in by the smell of a stick of deodorant in the backpack. She said the bear remained in the area for about half an hour before moving along.