Alligator makes a late-night ruckus on South Carolina couple’s porch

A South Carolina couple said they awoke to a crashing sound in the middle of the night and discovered a 6-foot alligator on their front porch.

Marci and Paul Parrick said they were woken up after midnight by a loud noise and they looked outside to discover the alligator had climbed the 10 stairs of their front porch and was positioned right outside the door of their Port Royal Plantation home.

“It was the craziest thing,” Marci Parrick told the Hilton Head Island Packet. “We could have stepped on it if we walked out the front door. No idea why it would choose to just run up there unless it was trying to chase something up there or it was spooked up there.”

Plantation security arrived at the home and used a spotlight to illuminate the unwelcome visitor. Parrick said the gator appeared frightened by the commotion.

“I think it was scared to death actually,” Marci Parrick. “You just never know what they’re capable of doing when they’re cornered like that.”

The alligator remained until after 1 a.m., when the Parricks and security officers shut off all their lights. The gator eventually descended the porch stairs and made its way to a nearby lagoon.

A Florida woman made an unusual discovery a few days earlier. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said deputies responded to an east Orange County home when the homeowner called to report an alligator was swimming in her backyard pool.

The deputies were able to relocate the gator to the St. Johns River.